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Filing for bankruptcy can be complicated, emotional, and a difficult process. With Keller & Almassian, PLC by your side, you'll never feel alone. Our lawyers offer the resources and experience of a large firm while maintaining the level of accessibility and personal service of a small firm. Whether it's business or personal services you need, our team will make sure your case is as efficient and worry-free as possible.

Filing for Bankruptcy

At Keller & Almassian, PLC, we offer a variety of services when filing for bankruptcy. We bring our knowledge and expertise to individual bankruptcy filings, corporate bankruptcy filings, and bankruptcy litigation. We also offer a risk-free consultation to determine the right course of action for each potential client.

There are many different types of bankruptcy available. Our specialists will work with you to determine which type of bankruptcy is appropriate for your situation. The following categories are available when filing for bankruptcy:

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 bankruptcy, also known as liquidation, provides individuals and businesses with a fresh start by eliminating all dischargeable debts. Once filed, an automatic stay is immediately imposed, meaning your creditors can no longer contact you about collections. If you would like to keep a secured debt, such as your home, or vehicle, you must be current on payments and continue to pay for the property. To qualify for Chapter 7, you must take a "means test," which our team can conduct for you.

Chapter 11

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is a commercial debt reorganization plan for businesses best suited to large corporations. Unlike Chapter 7, while under Chapter 11, businesses are permitted to keep many of their assets and remain in operation. The goal of Chapter 11 is to restructure a company for it to work out of debt and become profitable while under the bankruptcy court's supervision.

Chapter 12

Chapter 12 bankruptcy is designed to provide some of the most beneficial features of bankruptcy in a structure suited to commercial farmers and fishermen. Chapter 12 allows family farmers and family fishermen with regular annual income to create a plan to pay off all or a portion of their debts through installments over time. Usually, these debts must be paid off in three to five years. There are certain qualifications farmers and fishermen must meet to file Chapter 12. Call us today and our team will be happy to schedule a consultation.

Chapter 13

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a reorganization of debts for individuals who do not qualify for Chapter 7. Chapter 13 is a solution for clients who have a steady income but cannot keep up with their debts. As with Chapter 7, once filed, an automatic stay is immediately imposed. After completing a 36 to 60-month repayment plan, your unsecured debt will be discharged.

Debt Relief

Debt relief is a term that refers to many options used to address financial difficulties. If your debt is out of control, our team will help you review your many financial options. Though we are board certified bankruptcy lawyers, filing for bankruptcy may not always be right for you. We can also negotiate debt settlements with creditors, calculate repayment plans, and provide litigation. Our insolvency attorneys will analyze your financial status and work with you to find your best solution.

Contact us today for your risk-free assessment and learn why filing for bankruptcy may be the best option for you.




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