Personal Bankruptcy Attorneys in the Grand Rapids, Western Michigan Area

Divorce, job loss, illness, mortgage problems, and student loans—whatever the reason, financial hardship can happen to anyone. Personal bankruptcy may be an option. At Keller & Almassian PLC, our attorneys can help. Below is a description of how bankruptcy works.

1. What Is Personal Bankruptcy?

Chapter 7 - Chapter 7 is intended for those seeking a "fresh start" bankruptcy. This process is used to discharge, or eliminate most debts. Once a case is filed, creditors are no longer permitted to contact you.

Chapter 13 – Filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy provides a solution for people who have regular income but are facing foreclosure, repossession, garnishments, or overwhelming debt. In Chapter 13, you make payments for 3 to 5 years to a Chapter 13 Trustee. The amount you are required to pay is based on your assets and income.

2. What Debt Is Eliminated During Bankruptcy?

Personal bankruptcy provides married couples and single individuals with a fresh start. It allows you to eliminate credit card debt, medical bills, debts related to foreclosure, and debts from most lawsuits. In some circumstances, it may also help stop a foreclosure sale, stop wage garnishment, stop vehicle repossession, and deal with certain debts resulting from divorce.

3. Taking the Next Step

We can help you eliminate these problems. If you are considering personal bankruptcy, or are interested in learning more about the types of bankruptcy, contact the attorneys at Keller & Almassian, PLC, or call to schedule a risk-free assessment.


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