Skilled Legal Representation for Western Michigan and the Nation

Lawsuits are filed for a variety of reasons.  Our knowledge and experience in general civil court, business court, and bankruptcy court gives us a unique and vast range of experience to draw upon in order to reach the best results for our clients.   We appear in both State and Federal court, both in the state of Michigan and nationally.  We are problem solvers first and foremost.  We represent individuals and corporations as both plaintiffs and defendants.  Too often, litigators go through the motions of discovery and litigation without developing an overall business strategy.  Our transparent cost effective approach allows our clients to contribute to a meaningful strategy remains focused on results.   Finally, any resolution of litigation needs to remain focused on solvency issues, which can drive litigation as much as any factor.  As bankruptcy attorneys, we have a clear vision about the financial issues that impact all parties.

We do not take a passive role to litigation.  We are active and focused on controlling the direction of the litigation process. 

Contact us now to discuss business litigation matters in Michigan or nationwide. We can discuss your situation by calling 616-364-2100.