Creditor harassment, lawsuits, judgments and garnishments are all very scary. Having a lawsuit filed against you and being garnished can make a difficult situation seem nearly impossible. Being served can be embarrassing and bringing home less money than anticipated provides additional stress. How will you get by? How will the other bills get paid? How will you turn your situation around? There is good news, Keller & Almassian, PLC can help.

Bankruptcy stops the collection of debt, including lawsuits, judgments and garnishments. Not only does the garnishment stop, it may be possible to recover wage garnishment, bank account garnishment, or levy during the 90 days prior to the filing of a bankruptcy that any one creditor received more than $600, then it may be possible to have that money returned to you depending on your available bankruptcy exemptions.


Filing a bankruptcy can be a difficult decision for you and your family. Knowing that in certain circumstances you may be able to recover some portion of garnished funds may help you in making this decision. Our attorneys have helped tens of thousands of clients stop lawsuits and garnishments, gain financial freedom and a fresh start in life.