August 17, 2015

Our attorneys explore with the client the true underlying cause of their problem, and tailor the advice specifically to the problem they are having.  The Keller & Almassian, PLC approach is to first listen to the client’s situation; and second to describe solutions and how each solution would address the client’s problems.  For example, if the potential client has non-dischargeable priority tax debt, a second mortgage that can be stripped, and unserviceable unsecured debt, it is best to explain how each proposed option will address these issues differently.

This approach allows the client to make a more informed decision, and also assists the education process (an often overlooked benefit of the bankruptcy process) by methodically walking the client through the financial decision-making process so that they obtain the most benefit possible from their fresh start.



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Our Focus

We represent businesses and owners anticipating or experiencing financial distress.

Approach to Law

We counsel clients so that their resources and assets are marshaled for corporate and individual protection.

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