February 8, 2017

The cost of a bankruptcy can be a difficult issue to resolve.  In many cases, you need to file a Bankruptcy in order to stop a garnishment on your wages or bank account, but do not have the money to pay for a lawyer.  After all, if you had money for a bankruptcy lawyer, you probably wouldn’t need the lawyer in the first place.

As a result, you might search for the term “Online Bankruptcy” to find a way to save money.  Everything else can be done online, why is Bankruptcy any different?

Filing Bankruptcy is different than say, filing your taxes online.  If you were to file a Bankruptcy on your own, or with the assistance of a non-attorney bankruptcy preparer, you are not receiving legal advice.  While it is certainly permissible to file a case on your own, it may be very important to you to receive legal advice when you file a bankruptcy, depending on your situation.   In many circumstances, how you list your property, and the rules and statutes used to protect that property, can be very specific.  If you do not properly protect your property it is potentially available to the Trustee in your case.  If you fail to properly list or protect your home, it could result in complications and in some cases even lead to the sale of the property, or the dismissal of the case.

A good attorney is valuable as you navigate through the ever-changing bankruptcy laws and statutes.  Bankruptcy is not a one size fits all process.  It is important for your attorney to understand and consider what will actually be required in a case based on your specific circumstances.  A good attorney will remain with you through the entirety of the process, and are not solely interested in getting your papers filed and then doing as little as possible should any future issues arise.  Your attorneys should be engaged to help you navigate what can often be a complicated process and to help you avoid any pitfalls or lurking dangers that can arise.  At Keller & Almassian, PLC, three of the bankruptcy attorneys in our office are Board Certified in consumer bankruptcy.  This means the attorneys have taken additional tests to receive that Certification.  They will be able to help navigate your case to obtain a discharge of your debts.

So, skip the search for online Bankruptcy and contact an attorney instead.  You can often save yourself time, money and headaches along the way. 



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