June 3, 2016

Our firm offers a risk free no obligation consultation to go over your options and help you to determine if bankruptcy is the best option for you and your family.  If bankruptcy is the best option, the attorney will quote you fees based on your specific situation.  By being upfront, honest and detailed during your intake meeting you can keep costs to a minimum by limiting unnecessary issues later.


One cost associated with filing bankruptcy is credit counseling/debtor education.  Credit counseling and debtor education are courses that are required to be completed in order to file a bankruptcy and receive a discharge.  Our firm works with GreenPath.  GreenPath has two ways to complete the courses required.  Either you can call GreenPath over the phone, which is $35.00 for the first course and $20 for the second course or the more cost effective option is to go online to GreenPath’s website, which is $25.00 for the first course and $15.00 for the second course.

The next associated cost is for the Credit Report.  Other firms charge upwards of $50.00 to pull a credit report.  We provide a free credit report once we are retained. Even if you have copies of all of your bills it is important to have a credit report pulled as well to be sure that every creditor receives Notice of your bankruptcy filing.

Court filing fee for a chapter 7 is $335.00 and the Court filing fee for a chapter 13 is $310.00.  In a chapter 7, we can help with the timing of the payment of this fee by asking the court, in certain situations, to allow the debtor to pay the fee after the case is filed directly to the Court in installment payments.

The attorney fees for a chapter 7 will vary depending on your specific situation.  Contacting our office for a risk free no obligation consultation will be the easiest way to determine the fees associated with your case.

Chapter 13 attorney fees will also vary, depending on your specific situation.  On average our firm typically requests that the debtor pay the filing fee ($310.00) up front to get the case filed as the attorney fees can be paid over time throughout the plan.

While this may all seem overwhelming, once you have had the intake appointment to see what you qualify for and what your fees will be, retaining the attorney is the next step to obtaining your fresh start.  Call us today for your appointment.



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