Lawyers Handling West Michigan Receiverships

Receivership is a state court remedy that provides creditors with a method of preserving assets. A Receiver is an officer and representative of the court, appointed to take possession of, protect, and preserve property that is the subject of pending litigation, to assist in the enforcement of a judgment or to continue ongoing business operations. A receivership can create income potential for a creditor and reallocate the troubled business's priorities if it faces insolvency. It can serve as a transition to a sale and represents a viable alternative to Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Having worked with numerous business owners and business operators, our firm's expertise in business law, litigation and bankruptcy has allowed us to successfully serve as general counsel in various high-profile receiverships. Our lawyers are familiar with the limited written law regarding receiverships, the various circuit court judges' approaches to receiverships, the unique procedural rules and how to preserve and protect the interests of all parties cost effectively.

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